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Orcam Financial Group is a financial services firm offering a broad array of products and services that seek to empower investors. The company was founded to provide investors with an alternative to the profit-first, client-second business model that has come to dominate much of Wall Street these days. Orcam believes the firm is of no use to the client if their interests aren't perfectly aligned. This means always putting the client's best interests ahead of the firm's.

About the Founder and the Firm's Founding

Orcam was founded in 2012 by Cullen Roche. Mr. Roche saw the 2008 financial crisis as an event that exposed deep flaws in the standard Wall Street business model and the public's general understanding of money, finance and economics. Orcam has become the nexus where macroeconomics meets portfolio management - a common divide in Wall Street firm's where overlap is often entangled with conflicts of interest or misunderstandings. Mr. Roche's expertise and understanding creates an unusually comprehensive understanding of portfolio construction, monetary theory, economics and the financial services industry.

After having worked at Merrill Lynch in the early 2000's where he helped oversee $500MM+ in assets under management, Mr. Roche started a small investment partnership at the age of 25 with a significant personal investment. Over the ensuing 7 years Mr. Roche implemented a macro oriented, multi-strategy, risk management based approach that helped generate substantial positive alpha (high risk adjusted returns) while steering the partnership through one of the most turbulent investment environments in history without a single negative year.

Mr. Roche is best known for his work on the Great Recession. After having predicted the housing bubble Mr. Roche was very vocal about the failure of government policy in properly addressing the consumer debt disease that was the primary cause of the weak economy.

Mr. Roche’s primary areas of expertise include global macro portfolio construction, quantitative risk management, behavioral finance and monetary theory. He is the founder of the popular financial website Pragmatic Capitalism and is well known for his work on monetary economics, institutional monetary design, macro portfolio construction, and his debunking of many of the mainstream economic myths that persist today. He is one of the founders of the macroeconomic school of thought called "Monetary Realism" which is a heterodox school with a focus on the institutional design of monetary systems and operational realities of these dynamic systems.

He is the long-time #1 economics writer on the popular financial website Seeking Alpha and was named one of the “Top Wall Street Economists, Experts and Opinion Leaders” of 2011 by Wall Street Economists. Mr. Roche was named one of the “101 Best Finance People” by Business Insider and described as “one of the most influential economic thinkers today.” He is regularly cited in the Wall Street Journal, on CNBC and in the Financial Times. Mr. Roche is a Georgetown University alumnus, growing up in the DC area and now living in San Diego, California with his fiancée Erica and their problem child, Cal, an Australian Shepherd.

Cullen Roche, Founder

"You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves." - Abraham Lincoln

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