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Why Orcam?

Orcam is a uniquely positioned financial services firm. As independent consultants we are able to offer you a professional's objective and unbiased opinion to help analyze your current investment approach or to provide you with the tools to make better and more informed investment decisions. This unique positioning (as consultants and not sales people) gives us the flexibility to offer honest, objective and conflict-free services. We are not a custodian or money manager; our fee is related to the services we perform rather than the stocks, bonds or funds we “sell”. Our unique background (having worked in both the large brokerage business, the asset management business, combined with our extensive understanding of the monetary system) positions us to offer completely unique and alternative perspectives on how you should handle your finances. This unique integration of skills and perspectives is virtually non-existent on Wall Street. Most importantly, we understand that there's more to life than your investment portfolio and your work. We know that you work to live, you don't live to work. We take this understanding extremely seriously and provide our services with the goal of giving something above and beyond investment advisory. We seek to help move you towards financial empowerment and true wealth. This unique approach gives us unrivalled perspective, independence and insights to offer clients. To learn more please review our products and services see here.
ORCAM (pronounced OAR-KAM) or MACRO backwards: A superior understanding of the financial world starts with a superior understanding of the big picture.

See our products and services here. To contact us directly please see here. Phone: 858-220-5383 Email: info@orcamgroup.com