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At Orcam Financial Group we believe the world is suffering from a chronic misunderstanding and lack of education regarding money, finance and the economy. It starts at the very earliest ages of our society and continues all the way up to some of the most powerful and important positions in the world.

A recent SEC study on financial literacy says:

“U.S. retail investors lack basic financial literacy … have a weak grasp of elementary financial concepts and lack critical knowledge of ways to avoid investment fraud.”

The world is woefully undereducated on the matters of money, finance and economics. If we’re going to develop a society that makes prudent and wise financial and economic decisions then financial education must be a top priority. After all, if we’re going to have a thriving and vibrant economy, how can we really accomplish this without understanding the most important social construct (money!) we use to achieve this?

One of the goals at Orcam is to help promote a better understanding of the world of money, finance and economics. Empowering investors and consumers starts with a better understanding of the way the world of money works. We plan to attack this problem in several ways:

    • We will be active in our community and in our schools helping to promote a better understanding of money, finance and economics.
    • We hope to lobby Congress in the coming years to help make this not only a goal of Orcam’s, but a goal for the country.
    • We will provide ample resources here helping to provide a better and more concise understanding of the world of money.

To see our educational resources please see here. Or to contact Orcam directly for more information on the ways we seek to actively help educate the public please contact us here