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How Are Your Asset Management Fees so Low?

Our fee of 0.35% is among the lowest in the asset management business. We charge low fees because we think that clients deserve sophisticated asset management without being charged “2 & 20” or even the industry average of 1%.

Most importantly, we know that high fees can have a devastating impact on the long-term performance of client portfolios. For instance, if you invested $100,000 in two portfolios that earned 7% per year, the industry average of a 1% fee will result in a balance that is $127,000 less than Orcam’s 0.35% fee structure over a 30 year period. In other words, paying a high fee for asset management reduces your total balance by 20%!



 (The impact of the industry average 1% fee vs the 0.35% Orcam fee structure over 30 years at 7% growth*)

Our Countercyclical Indexing approach is a very low maintenance and systematic approach that doesn’t result in a large amount of “active” management. This allows us to be very tax and fee efficient within these portfolios.

We’re able to achieve this low fee because we maintain very low overhead and quite frankly, we’re happy charging less knowing that you get to keep more. Most importantly, as a small start-up and independent advisory firm we aren’t shackled by the profit centric model that dominates most financial firms.  We don’t answer to shareholders or investors.  We answer only to our clients so putting their interests ahead of the firm’s interest is crucial to our success.

* This hypothetical assumes a quarterly fee withdrawal and 7% growth. For illustrative purposes only. Figures will not reflect exact real-world performance.