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How do I Open a New Account?

Opening a new account with Orcam Financial Group is fast and easy.

Contact us to arrange an initial consult so we can explain our services and assess your risk tolerance.  We believe this is the most important step of the entire portfolio construction process.  If we can’t get on the same page then we can’t properly manage your assets for you.  Our ability to assess your risk tolerance and goals is crucial to understanding how to apply the best approach to your personal portfolio.  You can contact us in several ways:

Online Sign-up: If you don’t want to call or email you can simply fill out our contact form and someone will contact you shortly to schedule the initial consult.

Give us a Call: You can always reach us at 858-220-5383 if you’d prefer to expedite the process and get things started immediately.  We are available from 8-6 PST Monday-Saturday.

Send us an Email: You can always contact us via email at info AT orcamgroup.com or by clicking here.  Just send us any questions or the appropriate contact info and we will follow-up with you as quickly as we can.

If you already have a Charles Schwab account you can simply contact us to become your designated wealth manager.  OR, if you want to get started with Orcam on your own you can open a new account here and then notify us here to become your designated wealth manager via the Schwab platform.